tanzanite stones
In all over the world, it is well known that tanzanite is discovered in Tanzania, this precious and rare gemstone has been in a great demand. Tanzanite gives three color shades in a single stone when seen from different direction which are not found with any other gemstones. Different shades in one piece are the main attracted towards it. Originally, natural tanzanite is in reddish brown color. To bring rich blue color, it has to be heated up to 500 degree Celsius. We can cut this precious gemstone in any shape and in any size like oval, pear, heart, trillion, round and cabochon etc.

Tanzanite is using in the manufacturing of various jewelry such as necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants etc. one thing about tanzanite is, we can use this gemstone with any metal like silver, gold and platinum and with any combination of gemstone for the better design. Tanzanite stone with yellow gold gives more appealing appearance and it is the most liked combination of the jewelry lover especially for the ring lovers.

tanzanite ring

Before buying tanzanite ring for daily wearing, engagement and anniversary gift purpose you need to consider some vital thing:-

-For the daily wearing purpose you need to choose 14 K gold ring because the hardness of gold in 14 K is more as compare to others and for occasional use you can select 18 K or 22 K gold ring because the softness of gold is more in this.

-Next thing you need to consider is weight of your stone; your ring should be according to your stone weight.

Choosing a tanzanite ring is the perfect for your life partner if you are looking for the gift. A diamond is forever and has its own charm. Tanzanite stone with white gold looks perfect combination.

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