Halloween for children is all about costumes and trick or treating for candy. But for adults, it’s about costumes for masquerade balls— and the accessories that make them stand out. This most includes accessories such as your Tanzanite pendants and earrings which bring so much class and allure to any costume.

Masquerade balls began as a feature of the “Carnival” season in 15th century Europe when people dressed up in frivolous costumes and fancy masks. By the time the Renaissance came about in the 16th century, these affairs had become more of a fashion show where the upper classes would dress up in very glamorous attire, decorating their clothing with jewels and expensive materials.


Fast forward to modern day Halloween masquerade balls and we are in a position to experience gatherings where the middle income and the wealthy can mingle at these costumed events. It is here that you can wear your affordable but scintillating Tanzanite jewelry to impress your fellow party goers.

While the possibility exists that some of the gowns and costumes might be seen on more than one person or that you might want to wear the same costume at several of these balls, what will set them apart are the accessories. In your case, expensive-looking, but easily affordable Tanzanite jewelry.

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What well-dressed lady vampire, pirate lass or presidential hopeful wouldn’t be caught dead (unless you are a zombie, and in that case, they have a masquerade ball for that as well in Salem) without sparkling, shimmering, hypnotic Tanzanite gemstones dangling from their ears                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     tanzanite-dangle-Earrings     tanzanite-earring

Consider costumes most popular at these events, that of a Witch or Warlock. There is always a pendant hanging from their necks. Something to focus their power and dispense magical energy. What better to serve in that capacity for you than this pulsatingly beautiful and eye-catching .78ct Round Tanzanite Pendant  Surrounding the Diamonds.


Tanzanite is a trichroic gemstone. Depending on the type of light and angle striking the gem, the reflected light will produce on one axis the appearance of blue, another reddish brown and the other a dark violet.

As you move the ball, that unique quality of Tanzanite’s essence will enhance the “magical” image you wish to give off. How does he or she make the gemstone do it? It must be a fake battery-powered device. And therein lies your trick for the evening. Let the curious look closer. It is a great ice-breaker to initiate conversations with people you don’t know.

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